Health for the purpose of happiness...


The way we think will either hold us back or propel us forward in all areas of life, and our health is no exception. 

If you want success in health, your mindset has to support that, and a few simple changes can make a world of difference.


Fitness doesn't have to mean lifting heavy weights and going hard all the time. Everyone is different, and enjoying what you do is important. 

We move to feel better, so we adjust the exercises we need to, to suit you.


Food is fuel, but that's not all it is. We eat to feel better, but that doesn't mean it all has to be 'healthy'.

We can enjoy all the wonders of the food world, as well as getting the nutrients we need to give us the energy to live our best lives.

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What people say...

I am a person who has little to no desire for all things exercise and fitness. It has never interested me. I would much rather do any type of physical exercise in my head. One day a friend invited me to try Thousand Reasons and to my surprise, a year later, I am still going several times a week. Each session is always different. The exercises are very varied. The group of ladies are amazing. They are so supportive and encouraging and just good fun to be with. Mel, our coach is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. She places no pressure on you. Mel wants the best for you and is always there to help. She rarely complains about our complaining and remains positive and reassuring. Mel is great.


I would encourage everyone to give Thousand Reasons a go. You really don’t know if you don’t give it a go. It may surprise you like it did me. Actually, I’m still surprised.

—  Kris, Bootcamp Member


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