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Feel Strong, Confident, Energetic, Healthy and most importantly, HAPPY!

Find the perfect combination of your version of health and happiness, with an 8-week program covering health and fitness plus SO MUCH MORE!

Why do this Program?


Build the physical strength you need to do all the things you love to do in life, with personalised Small-Group Personal Training

Feel confident taking on the world and its challenges, building a resilient mind and body, with thought-provoking workshops and simple mind hacks


Get into the habits that make you feel full of energy and stamina, using your mind, moving your body, and eating nourishing food.


Find your version of health, focusing on what makes you happy. No restrictive diets, No go hard or go home attitude, and No scales.



I 100% recommend Mel as a personal trainer! I am a very reluctant gym goer and have some back/shoulder issues - however within 3 weeks my shoulder problems were resolved and I'm making progress with my back I feel like Mel has worked really hard to understand and meet my personal fitness goals (i wanted to focus on strength and fitness, without focusing on weight loss, calorie counting or measurements), and I am very appreciative of that. She's also very understanding of my inability to function early in the morning!

Jess | Personal Training Client

Why Does this Program exist?

Have you ever been on a diet or a health kick, and worked really hard to reach your goals so that you could feel happy with yourself and your body... only to find, when you reach the 'goal weight' you still feel the same way about yourself as you did before you started?

This has been the story of far too many of my clients. Or they'll equate their weight with their self-worth. Or they'll think of themselves as failures when their body doesn't respond to their hard work in the way they imagined. Or they'll 'be good' for a while and eat healthy, then life will take over and they fall off the bandwagon, just to be back at square one a few months later

Not much frustrates me more in life, than seeing incredibly good-hearted, kind, genuine, hard-working, beautiful, AMAZING women think that they're not those things because of a number on the scale, and their ability to stick to a diet that doesn't work..

What I think is far more important is these women building themselves up so that they know just how amazing they are - NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY WEIGH - so that they can keep doing the amazing things they're doing with joy.

There is so much more to being healthy and happy than diet and exercise alone. And this program brings together a few of those other things, to empower you to make your own decisions on what is important to you in your life.

What's included

1 x Weekly Small-Group Personal Training Session

Enjoy working out with a group of 2-4 incredible like-minded individuals, at Club Sierra

With a different, personalised workout every session, incorporating full-body strength, endurance, mobility and cardio exercise.

Weekly Workshops

Bringing you a holistic overview of health, fitness and self-care, come and learn from local health and wellbeing specialists with a weekly focused workshop.


From nutrition to habits, gratitude, mindfulness and so much more, these workshops will give you an insight into the important parts of health and happiness that go far beyond diet and exercise

Online Resources

Explore different topics including self-care, self-esteem, stress, gut health and mind hacks to give you a happier healthier perspective on life. 


You'll gain access to a wealth of online resources, articles and activities to help you in all areas of health and happiness

Local Goodie Bag

Get to know your local area with its abundance of incredible services, experiences and products, with a local business goodie bag!

Your Guest Speakers far!

Mel Kenworthy
- Thousand Reasons

Not exactly a 'guest' speaker! Mel has over a decade's experience in the health and fitness industry, starting as a personal trainer specialising in posture, lower back pain and injury prevention, and developing an incredible interest in the power of the mind.


Growing to incorporate mindset into her challenges and programs, then expanding her services to include 'Health + Happiness Coaching'. Mel will be introducing you to the power of language and readjusting your frame of mind to get more effective results in all areas of life.

Teniele Arnold Profile Pic.jpg
Teniele Arnold
- Teniele Arnold Co.

A Children’s Author my books touch on emotions, mindfulness and breath. I have gratitude & mindfulness courses available on my website. Through my alchemy of elemental breathing I guide and coach women & families to learn to breath correctly with tailored breathing exercises to improve everyday health & wellbeing. Having studied different modalities of breathwork to build a diverse understanding of breathing practices and benefits including yoga breath, Dan Brule’s fundamentals, breath fit and now SOMA breath.


In this workshop we will begin with a gratitude circle, I will then teach you how you can start your own circle at home keeping it simple or enhancing the ritual. We then move into Soma Breathwork where we will discover our breath and it’s beauty in this workshop we start off with movement, then into the rhythmic breathwork and finally a meditation, followed by some brief journaling of our experience. SOMA takes fundamental pranayama techniques and puts them in the correct combination making them easy and accessible. Through soma you connect deeply to who you really are, through this awareness comes the path to truth. You learn exactly the difference of what is good for you and what is no longer serving you.

Claire Slater Profile Pic.jpg
Claire Slater
- Because We Can Health and Wellness

I am Claire Slater, Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Coach.


My goal is to support individuals to improve their quality of life through all things nutrition, health and wellbeing. It is about finding what works for you so that you can develop habits that support a happy, healthy you. 


Managing Hormones, Health and Happiness is about recognising that women are not a ‘one size fits all’.


In this workshop, we will learn that we are not insane and that we can gain our life back. We will explore all things hormones, health and what we can do to work with the changes that our body is constantly challenging us with.

Vanessa K Vance 2021.jpg
Vanessa Vance
- Vanessa K Vance

Vanessa is a somatic and creative therapist and facilitator. She holds a degree in counselling, post-grad dip in creative arts therapies and has completed various trainings and experiential work in emerging fields related to sexuality, intimacy, relationships, consent, trauma, and embodiment. She has been working with individual clients and facilitating groups in these areas for the last 10 years. She is super passionate about providing opportunities for folks to develop stronger positive relationships to their bodies, improve their communication and connection with others, and to experience more power and freedom as a human being.


Vanessa will be sharing the Art of Receiving and Giving, a small taste of some profound concepts and practices that can support you to understand and navigate your interactions with others without fear, guilt, resentment, or burn-out. Instead, you get to create more pleasure, more joy, more connection, more intimacy, learning in your body, mind, and heart what it means to fully receive and give.  Feel more empowered in your yes and no, increase awareness in your body around boundaries, wants, and limits,  enhance effective communication, and increase agency in all your interactions. Embodying is at the core of knowing and walking away with this embedded in your nervous system is the most powerful way to apply it and transform your life. 

Image by MadMax Chef
- The House of Horticulture

I'm a gardener and grower of food, trying to do my best for my family and the environment to produce our own food in a self-sufficient manner. I teach other people how to easily grow some of their own vegetables and use every part of what they do have to purchase to minimise waste in their home. 


I am passionate about the quality of the food that is available to us commercially and the impact it could potentially be having on our health. I am also determined to show people how converting their patch of dirt into a productive space can help our planet to heal.


In my workshop, I will be demonstrating how to use every part of some seasonal fruit and vegetables that can be grown easily in your own backyard. 

Your Package

Your Inclusions

8 x In-Room Workshops ($15-$50 each... Total: $260)


1 x Weekly Small-Group PT Session ($45/week... Total: $360)


1 x Themed Hoodie (Total: $80)


2 x Individual Coaching Sessions ($100 each... Total $200)


Welcome Pack, incl. Local Business Goodie Bag (Total: $250++)


Online Resources  (Priceless!)


Your Investment

Option 1

Paid in Full: $700

(Save $30)

- OR -

Option 2

$250 Up Front +

8 x Weekly Direct Debit Payments of $60

(Total Cost: $730)


I have been training with Mel for a few years now and my fitness, strength and coordination has improved 100%. I have found her to be a positive mentor in my fitness journey, the workouts have lots of variety and work on all the key areas. Getting a personal trainer has been the best investment I have ever done, wish I had done it when I was younger.

Chris | Small-Group PT Client and Bootcamp Participant