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We are very fortunate in the Perth Hills that we have so many experts at our fingertips. 

Our workshops go over all aspects of health and happiness and have included topics like habits, breathing, nutrition, pelvic floor, planning and so much more!

The possibilities are endless! If you have any suggestions or would like to know what workshops we have coming up, keep your eye on our Coming Up page, or send us a message

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The ultimate way to relax and recharge in half a day! 

Our Mini-Retreats are a perfect opportunity to grab a girlfriend and pamper yourself! 

These 5-hour retreats will have you stretching, laughing, lunching, creating and meditating.

Get tickets to our next Mini-Retreat now!


Our clients are more than just clients, they become friends! 

Join us for our social events and get to know the other Thousand Reasons-ers over a picnic lunch, a paddle on the lake, a rock climb or a drink at the local pub

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Special programs often involve a combination of some or all of our services, including Coaching, Fitness and Workshops.


These are great as an all-round motivator to get your health on track and work towards reaching a little more of your version of happiness- whether it be satisfaction with your health, some life purpose, some confidence in yourself and your abilities and more.

Look out for our next special program, ready to start in the Winter months!


We're always up to something new and exciting!

From programs to workshops to challenges and social events.

Keep your eye on the 'Coming Up' page for all the latest

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