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Take a day away from the office and immerse yourself in our premium 1-day mini-retreat.


Carefully designed to provide corporate professionals with a transformative experience packed with benefits, you'll immerse yourself in our wellness goal setting workshop,  cultivating an inspired mind-set, a compelling vision, set inspiring goals, and create a concrete plan for success.


Additionally, you'll enjoy a rejuvenating Pilates class to invigorate your body, guided meditation to calm your mind, and a delicious lunch to nourish your body in a done-for-you out-of-office experience.


This mini-retreat offers a condensed yet impactful opportunity to unlock your potential, enhance your well-being, and achieve personal growth in a single day.

Mini-Retreats start at $1,500 + GST

Join us on this transformative journey and immerse yourself in a premium 2-day retreat experience that combines introspection, inspiration, and rejuvenation.


Rediscover your true potential, clarify your vision, set empowering goals, and leave with a concrete plan to manifest the life you desire. Invest in yourself and unlock a future filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.


Our exclusive premium 2-day retreats are tailor-made for corporate professionals seeking personal growth, team building, and relaxation, all while enjoying luxurious accommodations, nourishing meals, rejuvenating activities, and ample free time for reflection and fun.

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