What's been happening?


COVID19 restrictions haven't been easy on most of us, but somehow we Bootcampers made it work! We even went online for a little while. We much prefer to Bootcamp in person, and luckily we can again now, but it's great to know we all had the ability to adapt in a hard time.

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Sometimes we do things just for fun! When the weather was warm, and the water was cool, we headed to Lake Leschenaultia with a picnic and had a go at the Stand-up Paddleboarding. 

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Back when our main pandemic concern was running out of toilet paper, Thousand Reasons ran our first ever More Than Movement Retreat in beautiful Yallingup. With 10 guests, a personal chef, a massage therapist, and yours truly hosting, the retreat was an absolute blast and a huge success! 

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Check out our photo gallery here!

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