The best way to stay fit and motivated in an environment where it's OK to be YOU!

Our Bootcamps are always varied, mostly fun (depending on your favourite and least-favourite exercises!) and can always be adjusted to any physical restrictions that might come up.

We pride ourselves on our supportive and non-judgemental culture, so you can feel safe to be yourself, and grow at your own pace.

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Personal Training is the best way to get the ono-to-one fitness support you need to reach your specific and individual goals.

Perfect for anyone who needs motivation and accountability, and wants to reach the next level in their fitness journey. 

PT is the best option for anyone with injuries or restrictions, that makes group, outdoor or cardio-based exercise difficult


Like training with friends, but want more targeted and specific attention? 

Small-Group Training is perfect for anyone who wants to train in the gym with a friend.


The perfect middle-ground between the supportive environment of Bootcamp, and the one-to-one attention of PT

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Special programs often involve a combination of some or all of our services, including Coaching, Fitness and Workshops.


These are great as an all-round motivator to get your health on track and work towards reaching a little more of your version of happiness- whether it be satisfaction with your health, some life purpose, some confidence in yourself and your abilities and more.

Look out for our next special program, ready to start in the Winter months!