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Individual Health + Happiness

For over a decade the basis of what I do has been based in health and fitness. Starting with qualifying as a Personal Trainer, and building a successful personal training business, then moving my focus to Health + Happiness coaching, with the purpose of helping my clients improve their lives by finding their own version of health and happiness.


Today I still offer a variety of fitness and coaching services individually, as well as tailored packages to accelerate your progress in whatever health + happiness goals you may have.


Ready to unlock your version of true health and happiness? Say hello to coaching!


Health + Happiness coaching is a solution-focused process that helps you reach your own version of health and happiness.

Supporting you to grow in all areas of your like, coaching is the fastest, most effective way to reach your full potential.

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From 1 - 1 Personal Training and Small-Group Personal Training, to Outdoor Group Fitness, we have the fitness services to suit your needs in the Mundaring local area.



The Happy Body Collective is the ultimate in long-term health and happiness mastery. A 12-month group coaching program designed to help you master and maintain every area of your health from fitness to sleep, from stress to self-esteem. 

This program will be for anyone who wants to stay accountable and motivated in the long term, and get consistent yet incredible results throughout

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