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Health + Happiness


Ready to unlock your version of true health and happiness? Say hello to coaching!
Health + Happiness coaching is a solution-focused process that helps you reach your own version of health and happiness.

A bit like a combination of mentoring and counselling, coaching focuses on solutions that work for you and your situation, rather than a cookie-cutter approach. We'll help you get out of your own way and hold you accountable for doing the things you need to do to reach your goals.

The process is different for everyone, but the goal is always the same: to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Why do Coaching?

Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your emotions and their impact on your well-being.

  • Learn effective techniques to regulate and manage your emotions in various situations.

  • Enhance your empathy and interpersonal skills, leading to stronger relationships and better communication.


  • Build resilience and bounce back from setbacks with greater strength and adaptability.

  • Learn strategies to cope with stress, challenges, and adversity effectively.

  • Develop a positive mindset and the ability to maintain balance during difficult times.


  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem by recognising and appreciating your strengths.

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

  • Cultivate a positive self-image and embrace your unique qualities and abilities.

Life Satisfaction

  • Gain clarity about your values, passions, and life purpose.

  • Set meaningful goals aligned with your values and work towards achieving them.

  • Experience a greater sense of fulfillment, purpose, and overall satisfaction in life.

What is Coaching?

Health + Happiness coaching is all about helping you reach your own version of health and happiness.

If you don't know what coaching is, I like to describe it as a combination of mentoring and counselling - with a difference!

The similarity between coaching and counselling is that we work with your mind. We work with the thoughts that go on in your head, the stories that you tell yourself, and the language you use to talk about yourself, others and life in general.

The similarity between coaching and mentoring is that I help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be, helping you along the way with my knowledge and experience.

The difference between coaching and mentoring/counselling is that coaching focuses on solutions rather than problems.


I help you come to your own conclusions on what is right for you rather than telling you what to do.

Although I can share with you the relevant exciting things that I have learnt over the years, it's my job to help you find your own path, rather than tell you how to take the path that others have taken.

Coaching is as much about accountability as it is about growth.


My job is to push you just enough so that you do more than you thought you could, but not so much that you tell yourself you can't.


And I hold you accountable for doing the things you need to do to reach your goals and get the results you want.

It's a very different process for everyone.


Some people need more knowledge, so they can understand the right moves for them and get them done, where others will need to get out of their heads and out of their own way so that they can do what they already 'know they should'.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to the process you need to go through to get to where you're going!

 Coaching Focus

Defining Success

Many of us, without realising, have a ‘default’ definition of success that doesn’t really inspire us at all.


It’s important to get clear on exactly what success looks like, so that you know what you’re working towards.

Defining success can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals and, when you know what you're working towards, it's much easier to stay on track.

It can also help you identify the specific steps you need to take to achieve your goals.


Once you know what you want to achieve, it becomes easy to break down your goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

Acknowledging Strengths

Acknowledging your strengths can be challenging, but it's important to remember that everyone has something to offer.


When you focus on your strengths, you'll feel more confident and capable and it can help you identify your unique talents and abilities.


When you know what you're good at, you can start to use your strengths to your advantage.

Acknowledging strengths can help you build higher levels of self-esteem and motivation.


When you focus on your positive qualities, you'll start to feel better about yourself and take action towards the things that inspire you most.

Setting Goals

We all know setting goals is essential to achieving your dreams and ambitions, but  goal setting is not just a breakdown of tasks.


When you set goals that align with your vision and values, you're more likely to be motivated to achieve them.


This is because your goals are connected to what's important to you, and you'll feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction when you work towards them.


Aligning your goals with your vision and values means you'll be more likely to stick with them, feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life. You'll also be more likely to inspire others and make a positive impact on the world.

Removing Blocks

We all have self-limiting blocks: negative thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals.


These blocks can be anything from fear of failure to low self-esteem.


But the good news is that we can remove them.

It's important to identify the barriers we unconsciously place in our own path, as well as where they most often appear in our lives. 


Once you know what they are, you can start to challenge them, allowing you to move forward, even in the face of set-backs.

Meet Your Facilitator

Mel Kenworthy
-Thousand Reasons

Mel has over a decade's experience in the health and fitness industry, starting as a personal trainer specialising in posture, lower back pain and injury prevention, and developing an incredible interest in the power of the mind.


She has studied many aspects of health, happiness and productivity including:

  • Habits

  • Goal-Setting

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindset

  • Mindfulness

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Gut Health

  • and much more.

She has incorporated all of these aspects into her challenges and programs, and has expanded her services to include 'Health + Happiness Coaching', Corporate Wellbeing Workshops, Health Retreats and online programs. 

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