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Welcome to the Happy Body Collective

We're an online group program for women who want to master their health and happiness so that they can inspire those around them to do the same.

Let me guess...

  • Health is actually really important to you.

  • You love the feeling of being fit and strong so you don't have to rely on everyone else to get stuff done.

  • You believe that having good health means that your partner, career, family and the world get the best of you, instead of what's left of you

  • When you have the motivation, you really love how you feel after a good workout.

  • And your favourite kinds of foods are really good fresh nutritious meals... or at least they used to be!

BUT instead of waking up each day feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on the day with gusto... the reality is...


  • You don't have the time in your day to get as much exercise done as you'd like

  • You don't have the energy at the end of the day to put together the foods you know you should be eating

  • You're everyone's fixer and the go-to person when they need anything... and they ALWAYS need something!

  • You've lost the motivation to get your health back on track and even if you had the motivation... you wouldn't know where to start.

You probably know what you need to do... you've probably even done most of it before...


You just need a kick in the butt to make a start AND stick to it for longer than a teenager on a new tiktok trend!

And if you have to suffer through one more celery/lemon/meal replacement/sugar-free/fat-free/joy-free/soul-sucking diet you will literally SCRRREEEEEEAAAAMMMMMM!!!

If this sounds like you... you're in the right place!

I know that as a busy, hard-working, generous woman, your 'You Time' is the most precious commodity at the bottom of your to-do list...
And IF you invest in yourself at all, it's gotta be extremely good value for your time and money
And that's exactly what the Happy Body Collective delivers.

Our online membership program is designed to help you learn, implement and master the six components of the Health + Happiness Wheel:



Build a strong Mindset

Set powerful, inspiring Goals

Create simple and effective Habits


Master the right Movement for your body

Engergise yourself with delicious, easy Nutrition

Level up your health + happiness with intentional Rest


Put yourself first with simple Self-care

Understand your true Values and drivers

Align your life with who you truly are

All of this is achieved through mastering three important aspects of Emotional Intelligence:


Become aware of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours


Challenge your limiting beliefs and explore new beliefs to support your vision


Build grit and perseverance to thrive in any situation

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Your Host

Mel Kenworthy

Hi! My name is Mel Kenworthy, and I have owned and run Thousand Reasons for over a decade.


I have been a in the health and fitness industry since 2010 and have since bcome a 'Health + Happiness' Coach, and as much as I love training people to be physically fit and healthy, what I’m more interested in is how their health, habits and beliefs contribute to their happiness. I want to know if your diet and exercise goals fit and positively impact your priorities in life, including your other goals, family life, wellbeing and lifestyle.


When my clients set goals to work towards, whether in health + fitness, career or re-discovering their work-life balance, what I look out for is the answer to one question: Are the goals you're setting making your life better, or do they make it harder?


Over the last decade, I have done hours of research on topics like mindset, personality, communication, and habits, as well as sales, marketing, and productivity. This incredible knowledge has led me to become who I am today, and create this program so that others can do the same.

As challenging as that has been, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients achieve something they never thought themselves capable of... Which is why I love my job so much!

What is a Collective?
The Happy Body Collective is a running 12-month, online group program. We meet regularly to learn, inspire each other and keep each other accountable.

Rather than running a set-timed program, the idea behind the collective is that its a continuous rolling program that repeats every the 12 months. This allows you to implement each section into your life, a month at a time, and gives you the opportunity to see how far you've come, as well as fine-tune it the following year.
These sessions are designed to help you:

Learn and Implement Health + Happiness strategies.

Stay Accountable and on-track with your goals.

Motivate and Inspire each other.
Each Collective Session is structured to deliver as much value as possible.

We cover one element of the Health + Happiness Wheel each month.

It takes 12 months to complete the loop.

You can join or leave the loop anytime.
I know you'll get great value... but if, for any reason you can't continue, you can cancel anytime - no questions asked!
How does it work?

You'll engage in 1 x 1-hour online session per month

Each session will begin with a presentation on the topic of the month by your host Mel Kenworthy

We will collectively solve a common problem or debunk a myth related to the topic

We will set your intentions for the coming month

You will partner up with an accountability partner or small group with similar intentions or goals to keep you on track for the month

You may be set a challenge or encouraged to do some extra learning on your particular goal in the online resources

What will you have access to?

A group of like-minded people on the same journey to Health + Happiness as you

Resources on all things Health + Happiness in the online membership portal including articles, videos, worksheets, book recommendations and bonuses on each of the monthly topics

Mel's knowledge and expertise from over a decade's experience in the health + fitness industry and a passion for understanding the mind and body and the human potential

Our Happy Body community forum and group chat for support and encouragement

The knowledge and value you have access to is well over $1000 per month!!
What's your investment?
We currently have a special Foundation Membership available until Dec 30, 2023

As of Jan 1, 2024 the investment will increase to $99/month

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