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Befriend the Idiot in Your Head

You've Downloaded the Happy Idiot Workbook, but you need help getting through it...
Join our 5-Day 'Befriend the Idiot in Your Head' Challenge so that you can let go of self-doubt and move forward with confidence!

Join the Challenge and learn

Why that voice in your head is so mean to you in the first place, and understand its job

How the way you think about your capabilities sets you up for success... or failure

How to train the voice in your head to be your biggest cheerleader, rather than the nastiest critic

You’ll receive an email a day for 5 days with a video taking you through a bite-sized chunk of the workbook at a time. It’ll be kinda like I’m holding your hand through the process, to make it feel less scary and more doable! 


Each video will help you tackle a section of the Happy Idiot Workbook to help you befriend the 'Idiot' in your head and teach it to be your greatest cheerleader instead of your harshest critic.


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Befriend the Idiot in Your Head

Video #1: Who Is Your Idiot?

Understand where your idiot comes from and why it exists

Video #2: Choose your Mindset and Follow Your Idiot

Learn how to think about your idiot and start watching where it shows up in your life

Video #3: Give your Idiot a Name and Tell the truth

Take away your idiot's power by giving it a name and reframing its harsh comments as boring factual statements

Video #4: Rewrite it

Change the narrative of your idiot so that it supports you like a best friend instead

Video #5: Talk to Yourself!

You've now completed the process so it's time wrap it all up and practice answering back when your idiot pipes up again

Meet Mel


Mel has over a decade's experience in the health and fitness industry, starting as a personal trainer specialising in posture and injury prevention, as well as fitting movement into your lifestyle.


She has since developed an incredible interest in the power of the mind, growing her skillset to incorporate mindset into all aspects of her services.


She believes that changing the way you think makes life so much easier and that everybody deserves to find their own version of happiness.

Here's what Mel's clients have been saying...

I have grown as a person more in the past year or so since working with Mel than I ever have. I have become more conscious and aware of why I am having the feelings I am and have found strategies to move through my anxieties effectively. I have also used strategies that I have learnt to have tricky conversations with people that have been more effective because of it.


I have more confidence, less anxiety and have developed the ability to work through anxiety and negative self talk quickly and effectively. I'm also kinder to myself, and have developed confidence to stand up for myself and take up space.

Georgia B

What are you waiting for?!


Thanks for submitting, your e-book will be in your inbox shortly!

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