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That ONE Thing!

  • 8Weeks


You're not eating enough of the good stuff, you're eating too much of the stuff you KNOW doesn't make you feel great, and you're really starting to feel it. You're tired, sluggish, unmotivated, and just not feeling good about yourself. You know as soon as you get started, you'll soon get back to feeling great, but you don't have the energy for a complete overhaul. All you could manage right now is one thing at a time... Deep down, you know the one thing that you need to change, and you know if that's all you need to do, you could do it, and you could do it right now... So that's what we're doing here! Focusing on THAT ONE THING, and we'll do it for a full 2 weeks before we do another. For the next 8 weeks, you'll choose a total of 4 'ONE THINGS' that will help keep you focused on what's important, and get you back to feeling your motivated, energetic, healthy, happy self.

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