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Personal Training Specials

One on One

  • 20% Off Personal Training sessions

  • From $40/week

  • Minimum 8 weeks


You + 3 Friends

  • 2 Sessions for the price of 1

  • $45/week per person

You + 1 or 2 Friends

  • 30% Off

  • From $31.50/week per person 


Bootcamp Specials

  • $29/week for new members

  • Up to 3 sessions per week

  • Minimum 8 weeks

Are you a teacher or work in healthcare?

  • Take an extra 15% Off! 


Beta-Testing our new Program

We are looking for just 2-3 people to beta-test this program in its development stage.

The More Than Movement program is a culmination of 10 years of experience as a fitness professional and incorporates a multi-faceted approach to health and happiness. This program shares everything I have shared with clients in the last decade to get the best outcome for not only physical health but mental and emotional health too.

Cape to Cape Walk

This year, our group challenge is to walk the 135kms from Cape Leewin to Cape Naturalist in September/October.

We are currently in the planning stages, so if you are interested in joining us, you can contact us on Facebook.

We will be doing regular training beforehand in the local area, and everyone is welcome to join us on our training walks!


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