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Meet Mel...

Allow me to introduce myself!


My name is Mel Kenworthy, and I own and run Thousand Reasons Health + Happiness

Ever since I started in the fitness industry, I never felt that I fit into the usual personal trainer mold…

While I love being active, (I love being outdoors, hiking, cooking healthy meals, doing fun active activities, etc), I’ve never trained every day, I hate running, I’ve never been good at sports, and I get super bored at the gym if I don’t do something different every time… 

I also eat chips, cheese, chocolate, and ice cream, like any normal person! 

What I continually saw in my clients was the disconnect between doing the ‘right’ thing in their diet and exercise, and enjoying life to its fullest. I noticed the negative emotions, unmet and unrealistic expectations, and extremely harsh self-talk when it came to not being the ‘right weight’ or ‘fit enough’.

It left me so disappointed for my well-intentioned clients, because it was almost as if the unspoken rule was that people that looked fit and healthy were allowed to be happy, but those who looked unfit and overweight weren’t.


It didn’t seem fair, and, after a beautiful young client lost the exact amount of weight she wanted to lose to be happy with her body by ‘doing the right thing’ with her diet and exercise, realised she still wasn’t happy with her body and said to me “Maybe I need to lose another 5 kgs”, I decided health and fitness are something I’d help my clients work towards ONLY in conjunction with working on their HAPPINESS​ and self-esteem. 

If it made them miserable, we weren’t doing it, and we focused predominantly on the mindset, movement and habits that made them happy.


I believe that everybody deserves to be healthy and happy in their own way, and I believe that the best and fastest way there is through the power of the mind. The way we think - not just what we think - impacts every aspect of our lives, ESPECIALLY our happiness, and when you know how to change your thoughts to make them work for you instead of against you, life is just easier!


Whenever I help my 1-1 clients set their goals or present a goal-setting workshop to a group, I make sure that all goals that are set can truthfully answer ‘YES’ to the following questions:


Does it fit into your life?

Does it positively impact your priorities and goals in life?

Does it add to your family life, your wellbeing, and your lifestyle?

Does it make you feel better, work better, parent better?

Do you have fun with it? 

Or does it make everything harder and suck the joy out of the little things? (this one is obviously the exception… ‘NO’ is the correct answer here!)


The big question is: if it doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it?

Or, more importantly, how can you do it so that it works for you, your body, your mind, your mental health, and it adds to your happiness in all areas of life?

The reason I do what I do is to help people find their own version of health and happiness and inspire them to make the changes they need to get them there.


What we want for you, your company and your staff is to create a balance in life where you enjoy your life and use your mind, body and soul to thrive, whatever that looks like for you.


Our coaching programs and workshops utilise the power of mindset, based on the latest science in many fields including habits, productivity, longevity, success, happiness, mindfulness, and much more.


Because everybody, including YOU, deserves to be happy.

Want to know more about our services and how you or your business can work with us?

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