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Premium Immersive Retreats

Welcome to our exclusive premium immersive 2-night retreat, a transformative experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. This retreat is carefully curated to provide you with a holistic approach to personal growth, offering a unique blend of immersive workshops, luxurious accommodations, nourishing meals, and rejuvenating activities.


Over the course of two nights, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, guided by expert facilitators who specialize in unlocking your true potential. The centerpiece of our retreat is an immersive workshop that spans the duration of the event, divided into four essential parts to help you craft a compelling vision, set inspiring goals, and create a concrete plan to manifest your dreams.


On the first day, your morning will begin with a warm and welcoming check-in, where you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow retreat participants and settle into the tranquil surroundings. In the afternoon, the workshop's first part will focus on envisioning your future self and clearing common blocks that may hinder your progress. You will also engage in the creative process of crafting your own vision board, a powerful tool to solidify your aspirations and ignite your motivation.


As the retreat progresses into the second day, the morning session will delve into setting goals that align with your vision. Here, you will learn effective strategies to define actionable steps that propel you towards the realization of your dreams. In the afternoon, the workshop's final part will revolve around creating a comprehensive plan, equipping you with the tools and strategies needed to execute your goals with confidence and efficiency.


In addition to the transformative workshop, our retreat offers a range of indulgent amenities and activities to enhance your overall experience. You will be treated to exquisite accommodations, ensuring your comfort and tranquility throughout your stay. Our talented chefs will provide delicious meals, including two dinners, two breakfasts, and one lunch, carefully curated to nourish your body and delight your taste buds. Morning and afternoon tea, as well as a variety of coffee and tea options, will also be available to keep you refreshed and energized.


To further enhance your well-being, we have included a restorative massage session, a revitalizing Pilates class, and guided meditation sessions, all designed to relax your body and calm your mind. We also understand the importance of personal reflection and rejuvenation, which is why we have allocated ample free time for you to explore the beautiful surroundings, engage in self-care activities, or simply unwind in the serene ambiance of the retreat.


Join us on this transformative journey and immerse yourself in a premium 2-day retreat experience that combines introspection, inspiration, and rejuvenation. Rediscover your true potential, clarify your vision, set empowering goals, and leave with a concrete plan to manifest the life you desire. Invest in yourself and unlock a future filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

About the workshops

Introducing our transformative wellness goal setting workshops! These engaging and empowering sessions are designed to elevate team and employee wellness by guiding participants through a holistic journey of self-reflection and proactive planning.


In these workshops, we delve into the depths of what truly matters to you, helping you uncover your core values and passions. By identifying the factors that bring you joy and fulfillment, we lay a strong foundation for aligning your goals with your personal aspirations. We believe that true wellness stems from living a purpose-driven life, and these workshop aim to ignite that spark within you.


Assessing your current satisfaction levels across all areas of life, we provide a valuable opportunity for self-evaluation and growth. This reflection not only enhances your self-awareness but also enables you to identify areas for improvement and transformation. By acknowledging and celebrating your past achievements, both big and small, we cultivate a sense of gratitude and resilience, fueling your motivation for future success.


One of the highlights of these workshops is the creation of a visionary roadmap for the next 10 years, broken down into manageable and focused milestones. By setting these long-term goals, we empower you to envision your future and channel your energy towards the realisation of your dreams. But it doesn't end there! We help you translate your vision into practical action steps, breaking them down into achievable 3-year and 12-month chunks. By making your goals tangible and actionable, we ensure you are equipped with the tools to conquer obstacles and navigate the path to success.


The benefits of these workshop are boundless. Team and employee wellness are uplifted as individuals gain clarity, purpose, and motivation in their personal and professional lives. By fostering a culture of goal-setting, we cultivate a growth mindset, encouraging continuous learning and improvement. Participants walk away with a renewed sense of direction, armed with a personalised roadmap and the strategies to overcome challenges.


Invest in the well-being of your team and employees with our transformative wellness goal setting workshops. Together, we can unlock the potential within, empowering individuals to thrive both personally and professionally. Join us on this remarkable journey of self-discovery, growth, and achievement.

Sample Itinerary

  • 9am arrive, check in, coffee tea

  • 10am Workshop part 1- Values and Joys and personal check-in

  • 12pm Chef cooked nutritious lunch

  • 1pm Workshop part 2- reflection 

  • 2.30pm Afternoon tea

  • 3pm Workshop part 3- Vision and creating your future self

  • 5.30pm Massages/free time

  • 7pm Chef cooked dinner

  • 8.30pm Massages/Free time

  • 7am Pilates class

  • 8.30am Breakfast

  • 9.30am Workshop Part 4- Setting goals

  • 10.30am Morning tea

  • 11am Workshop Part 5- overcoming obstacles

  • 1.30pm Lunch

  • 3pm Workshop part 6- Planning

  • 5.30pm Free time/massages

  • 7pm Dinner

  • 8.30pm Meditation

Retreat Inclusions

  • Multi-day immersive goal setting workshop
  • Accommodation
  • 2 x dinner,
  • 2 x breakfast,
  • 1 x lunch
  • 2 x morning and afternoon tea
  • Massage
  • Pilates class 
  • Meditation
  • Free time
STARTING AT $4000 + $990PP

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