Health + Happiness Coaching


Women's Health + Happiness coaching is all about helping you reach your own version of health and happiness.


If you don't know what coaching is, I like to describe it as a combination of mentoring and counselling - with a difference!


Similar to counselling, Coaching works with your mind. We work with the thoughts that go on in your head, the stories that you tell yourself, and the language you use to talk about yourself, others and life in general.

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Group Coaching is perfect for those who want a bit of extra support and accountability, and learn something along the way.


Group coaching programs are usually between 6 and 12-weeks and have a specific topic to keep you focused on your goal. 

They also include all of the relevant online resources we have available, for you to access as needed.


Online programs are usually short, or self-paced education-based programs, with minimal face to face contact. 

These programs are perfect for action takers that need a little guidance of a specific health or happiness related topic.

We are currently developing a range of online programs, so keep an eye out for them!

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Special programs often involve a combination of some or all of our services, including Coaching, Fitness and Workshops.


These are great as an all-round motivator to get your health on track and work towards reaching a little more of your version of happiness- whether it be satisfaction with your health, some life purpose, some confidence in yourself and your abilities and more.

Look out for our next special program, ready to start in the Winter months!