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Get-Started Program

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Need guidance and accountability? Like following proven systems and ticking off your daily tasks?

This program is for you...

A personalised 12 week training program for you to follow and record in your own training book. check in and update your program every 6 weeks with a 1-1 PT/accountability session


Rapid Results Program

Image by bantersnaps

Do you want fast results without the boredom of doing the same thing over and over? Do you like a little competition and the freedom to change what you're doing without getting off track?

This program is for you...

Set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal and work towards it with 3 x PT sessions per week, regular milestone check-in's and your very own gladiator board so you can keep hitting PB's!


Purpose Program

Image by Mor Shani

Want to find your purpose in the next phase of life as well as creating the level of health that can sustain you? Like being part of a community that is just as amazing and supportive as you are?

This program is for you...

Set your purpose and intentions for the 12 weeks ahead and stay challenged and on track with weekly Health + Happiness coaching sessions, plus join our womens only outdoor group fitness classes up to 3 x a week


Happy Body Collective

Image by Elijah Hail


The Happy Body Collective is the ultimate in long-term health and happiness mastery. A 12-month group coaching program designed to help you master and maintain every area of your health from fitness to sleep, from stress to self-esteem. 

This program will be for anyone who wants to stay accountable and motivated in the long term, and get consistent yet incredible results throughout

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