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'Drop the layers of shit' and other things to guide you in 2023

As a small business owner, we are taught the importance of having a 'why'- a belief that drives you to do what you do - something you can use as a lighthouse of sorts to guide you to make decisions that benefit you, your business and your customers. A reason to get up and keep going when it gets hard.

I've always known my 'why' deep down, but I've struggled to put it into words that clearly convey what I feel. I've always loved personal and professional development, purely because of how much easier it has made my life and how much happier I've become by continually learning and improving the way I think and do things.

These results are my 'why'- the reason I do what I do, because I believe that anybody can have those results if they decide to challenge their status quo and start thinking and acting according to what is true for them instead of what they think 'should' be doing. It's those extra layers of unconscious, unhelpful beliefs and 'should's' that hold us back from what we truly want and know we deserve.

Recently, as I was reflecting on the year that was and pondering my 'why', I realised that before we can allow ourselves to move towards the things we want, we need to let go of those layers of mental and emotional stuff (aka layers of shit!!) that are holding us back. We need to drop those 'layers of shit' that we carry around, that we shield ourselves with, that we hide behind so that we can be healthy and happy. Dropping those 'layers of shit' makes life easier. Dropping those 'layers of shit' gives us the freedom to be who we actually are and want to be.

'What are the layers of shit?', I hear you ask... Well the 'layers of shit' (at least, the ones I'm referring to!) are the beliefs, thoughts, habits and rules we have, mostly unconsciously, that prevent us from being our healthiest happiest selves.

When I say 'layers of shit', I don't mean it with malice or negativity- I don't think anybody saw a 'layer of shit' and decided it was a good idea to pick it up and put it on- (check out the video I posted about this HERE). What I mean is that we've picked up a belief/strategy/idea that made sense at the time, we tried it on for size and got all the goodness out of it, but now there's nothing of value left in it- it's no longer helping you out, so it's now time to let go of it.

Beliefs like 'It's rude to tell people how I really feel' or 'rest is unproductive' or 'I need to be further ahead in life than I am'

Thoughts like 'there's never enough money for the things I want' or 'I can't do that' or 'that person is better than me'

Habits like scrolling through social media to relax, complaining about the weather, or prioritising yourself last

And rules like 'I have to clean the entire house before I can start my day' and 'I can only rest once I've completed all my work' are all potentially layers of shit!

These 'layers of shit', when you really think about them, would benefit you greatly if you just dropped them and left them behind. We all have them, and all they need is to be questioned- 'Do I need to keep this layer of shit in my life?' if the answer is no, get rid of it!

After a big year of 2022-ness, I've decided that my own personal theme for 2023 is 'Drop the layers of shit' and my goal is to help you do the same. This is my 'why' for 2023 and every service I offer helps you to drop the layers of shit that you don't need.

For example: Our PT and group fitness classes...

'I need to be self-motivated to be fit'... in the words of Elsa... 'Let it GOOOO'!

If being your fittest and healthiest means paying someone to think about what exercises you're doing for the day, so that you know you're doing them right and that they're going to work what needs to work, that's OK! It's getting you the exact results that you're after and you don't have to waste any time thinking about what you're going to do or when your next workout will be.

You don't need self motivation, you need to do what works for you... Drop that layer of shit!

Or Health + Happiness coaching...

'I should be able to do it myself'

There's a reason the coaching industry is now a 15 Billion Dollar industry. Plain and simple: IT WORKS!! The proven benefits of coaching include improvement in confidence, communication, relationships, time management, life and job satisfaction, reduced stress and more effective goal setting, just to name a few.

The reason I love it so much, is that it makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!! And because it's easier, it's much more enjoyable! From working with coaches over the years, I now have the skills and capacity to work towards what I want without excuses and self-sabotage, so I get to live the life that I want!

Coaching allows you to go further, faster and easier than if you were to do it on your own, so why not hire a coach? Let that layer go and give yourself permission to ask for help!

Not sure where to start, or even know what coaching is? Book a complimentary discovery call here and find out!

We all have layers of shit we can let go of to live a much more satisfying life. This year, in my blogs and posts, I'll be sharing the ones I come across that no longer work for me or my clients in the hope that you can live a much more satisfying life too! So keep an eye on my blogs, emails and social media posts!

I always love hearing your stories, so please share them with me! What layers of shit have you discovered and let go of?

With much love health and happiness,

Your coach,

Mel xx

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