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I am NOT a Personal Trainer...

Have you ever realised - WAY LATE in the game - that you've been perfectly capable of doing something that you've wanted to do for a really long time, but kept putting off because you didn't think you could?

Well, after a short break and a little self-reflection, I realised this for myself recently!

And, as much as I'm kicking myself for not realising sooner, I'm really excited about finally stepping up and owning it!

What is this thing, you ask? Let me tell you the story...

For a long time now, when someone asks me what I do, the words 'I'm a Personal Trainer' come out of my mouth and I cringe a little on the inside. While, by qualification and experience, I am, indeed, a personal trainer, I haven't felt like one for a long time. This is for two reasons (or maybe closer to a thousand reasons! ;) )

Firstly, I'm not your typical definition of a personal trainer: I'm generally not the fittest, strongest or healthiest person in a room, I eat foods that 'I shouldn't' (more on this another time - I don't use or let my clients use the 'S' word!) and I don't like shouting at people to 'Go Hard or Go Home'.

Secondly, I'm FAR more than a personal trainer. Usually PT's focus on fitness, and basic nutrition, mostly in the context of weight loss or muscle building. But, to me, fitness and nutrition barely scratch the surface. And the idea of weight loss in many ways, makes me want to punch someone in the face... metaphorically speaking of course!

I think I differ from most PT's because I care more about what you think of yourself than what you put in your mouth. I care more about if you're doing what you love than how many calories you burn. And I care more about your progress in ALL areas of life than how much lower the number on the scales is than last time you stepped on it.

To me, there's no point in being fit and healthy if you aren't also happy, and happiness begins in the mind.

My absolute passion is learning about the mind and how it influences every aspect of our lives. Learning about what the happiest people in the world do to be so happy and how we can do the same. How being healthy and happy has a million different aspects to it, and how it is completely different from one person to the next. And how easy it is to break through your own barriers and find your version of health and happiness when you're ready for it.

I'm not a personal trainer, but I do personal training to complement what I love doing and to get the results I love getting for my clients. Even though I do coaching, I haven't felt like I could call myself that, because of the stories I tell myself in my head. But now, after some reflection, I realise I CAN call myself a coach/specialist/expert (to be honest, I'm still playing with the title to see what fits and feels best!) because that's what I've been doing in one way or another for YEARS!!! I even have a coaching qualification!

So, if I'm not a personal trainer, then what am I?

I'm a Women's Health and Happiness Specialist.

I'm a coach and trainer specialising in women's health and happiness. I do this through mindset, movement and nutrition, which is incorporated in all of my services, and some new ones!

I'm sure, as everything else in life, that this will continue to evolve, but for now, I'm excited to step up and shout to the world what I love doing and why. And if I can help just one person be happier and healthier by saying so, it would all be worth it.

So, keep your eye out for some new and exciting things coming up. I'm excited to find new ways to help you find your version of health and happiness, and of course, my own!

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Well Mel, whatever your label you wish to own, I am happy to say your my............... ? So just keep on being this person 😀

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