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I am -still- NOT a Personal Trainer!

I recently read a blog post I wrote back in 2021 and it hurt... just a little!

Why? Because I've done it again!!

In THIS blog post entitled 'I am NOT a Personal Trainer', I wrote that I have not considered myself a PT for a long time and that I was stepping up and owning being a coach (who also does PT) because coaching is what I love to do.

BUT... I realise now starting 2023 that I have fallen back into old habits and I have assumed that because I have been a PT for over 12 years now, that no-one will see me as a coach blah blah blah silly self talk. UGH!! (You can read HERE why I consider this to be a 'layer of shit' that I am now ready to drop!)

Who would have thought it would be so hard to do what you love and get paid for it?!

Well, as it turns out, a lot of people think like this and it just so happens that they are the type of person I love working with as a coach (Could it be because of lived experience? Maybe!!)

Recently I sent all of my current and former clients an email announcing an exciting change in my business, which I am very excited to share with you now.

If you’re currently a fitness client, or are thinking of starting your fitness journey with me again or for the first time, don’t worry! I am still providing all of my current fitness services and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future. I just won’t be promoting that aspect of the business anymore so that I can put my energy into building all my coaching services, workshops and programs that I love so much!

Let me explain a bit further. . .

As you probably know, I’ve been in the fitness industry for a while now (over 12 years- can you believe it?!!) loving every minute! In that time, as I’ve continued to learn more about coaching as an industry, I’ve learnt that my true passion is in the mindset coaching field. I have always been fascinated by how the mind works, and I know from personal experience how much easier, freer and more satisfying life is when you challenge and let go of the thoughts and beliefs you have that hold you back from being the amazing person that deep-down you know you are.

I love seeing my clients go from doubting themselves and their abilities to going for what they want with confidence; from being unsure of who they are to feeling comfortable taking up space in a room; from being ruled by anxiety to being able to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Because of this, I have decided that I will gradually transition from being a fitness-based business to a coaching business helping generous, high achieving though often self-doubting women become the incredible women I know they are.

In this new business, I will be working with women who:

  • Tend to procrastinate, find excuses, or set unattainable criteria or rules before being able to start following their dreams. (like I just did!)

  • Think ‘who am I to be successful/rich/happy/fulfilled/ambitious when there are other more deserving people out there than me’.

  • Wonder why they can never take the next step/first step/step up/step out when they know they’re perfectly capable of the individual activities required to make it work.

  • Feel frustrated with the feeling of being stuck or held back when they know they have so much potential.

These women want to feel

  • Confident in themselves to take the actions they need to take to reach their goals

  • That they can achieve anything they set their mind to

  • Lighter and freer to enjoy life and all its pleasures, successes and challenges

  • That they are enough and deserving of what they want to achieve in life so they can inspire their loved ones to do the same, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

In the next 12 months I will be focusing on promoting my current coaching services, as well as developing new services including short courses, workshops (on topics like goal setting, confidence building, corporate wellbeing and more) and a 12 month membership program.

I already have a few coaching services and workshops available, including my current 12-week coaching program. This program is perfect for women who:

  • Are high achievers, go-getters or want big things for themselves

  • Know what they want but keep finding (or unconsciously putting) things/excuses in the way of actually starting or moving to the next level

  • Love to learn and grow and better themselves continuously

  • Believe in themselves, but not quite enough to start or get the momentum going on their big ambitions

  • Are ready to take the first step and have the capacity to do the work required to grow into the person they know they can be

Equally, I know I’m NOT a good fit for women who:

  • Aren’t willing or ready to think differently, learn or grow

  • Don’t want change (if you’re happy where you are and don’t want to change, you don’t need me!)

  • Want me to fix them or fix their problem for them

  • Want to keep their problems (I know it might sound strange to some, but if you don’t know who you’ll be without your problems, you’ll struggle to let go of them)

If this sounds like you and you’d like to know more, I’d love for you to book a discovery call HERE for us to catch up and have a chat, simply to learn if my program is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for my program. Then you can decide if you’d like to move forward or not. Trust me, I will NOT be offended if you decide it's not right for you- everyone is on a different journey, and only you will know if I am the right person at the right time to help you on yours.

At the end of this financial year this program's prices will increase, however if you mention this blog until then I'm happy to offer it to you at last year’s prices. (which is a discount of over 50%!)

If this doesn’t sound like a good fit for you, or you would love to, but the timing just isn’t right… I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! I will be here as a coach well into the future, should you ever need my services.

If I could I be so bold as to ask... I would love for you keep me in mind and recommend me to your amazing women friends, colleagues, or relatives that you believe could benefit from what I do. I will be eternally grateful for any recommendation you can offer and, of course, I promise to take great care of your people and give them a fantastic service if it is the right fit for them!

I also would like to take the time to thank you for being here, especially if you've been around for a while. Your presence makes my job that little bit easier and more enjoyable, and I hope that my presence has helped you in some small way too.

You'll be seeing a different side to Thousand Reasons this year, and I'm excited for what's to come!

In the meantime, keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with all the exciting new things, as well as some super special offers for people like YOU who read my posts!

Until next time...

With much love health and happiness

Your Coach,


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