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My 12 Thoughts of Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas and the end of the calendar year are upon us, and, as is tradition, the 12 days of Christmas leads us into the silly season.

This year's theme for the 12 days of Christmas is a little different... and, I think, very fitting, as this year has been a whole new level of different!

On one hand, it's been a scary, unprecedented difficult year, with a lot of loss and heartache, but on the other hand, it's been a year of adapting and overcoming, and a year to really appreciate the more important things in life.

So, I thought this year, we’d look at different aspects of the joys and challenges of this time of year. A collection of thoughts that might just give someone a little boost, or put a smile on their face, or even help them get out of a tight spot.

So, in no particular order (and with a new thought every day over the next 12 days), here are my own personal '12 thoughts of Christmas'.


Firstly, let’s look at 2020: I know, I know! Why would we want to? It’s been such a terrible year! Well, that’s just it… nothing is ever all bad or all good. Everything has its flip side, and, while it’s easier to just write off an entire year as terrible, it doesn’t do us much good.

The most successful people in the world tend to have something in common…

It’s the mindset that no matter your current skill level or ability, you can always learn and grow and improve in life. It’s a way of thinking that means you can learn from everything- that there is no failure, only feedback, and that no matter what happens, you can learn from your experiences.

So, to take a leaf out of success’s book, take a second to ask yourself: what did you learn from this year?

Did you learn to adapt or appreciate? Did you learn a new skill, for a change in jobs or the way you do your job? Did you learn something about yourself and how you react to new situations? Maybe you learned something about your friends and family, or humanity as a whole?

And how does what you learned, help you in the future?

I learned how important adaptability is, and I was amazed at how the entire community banded together to adapt to a sudden, unprecedented change.

-I now know that I can adapt in multiple ways to continue working and training my clients if I can't see them face to face.

I learned that it's much easier to survive, and thrive if you don’t follow too many unwritten rules, especially when the world is in chaos.

-Sometimes the rules that help you conform or fit into society don't actually help you at all. Sometimes we need to let go of the idea that our diets need to be perfect all the time, or that the dishes need to be put away within a few hours of being washed. Sometimes it's ok to not be ok and to just do what you need to do to get through the rest of the day.

And I learned that the people I have in my life are the ones worth keeping!

-Almost everyone was having a hard time, but almost everyone put up their hand to help out if I or anyone in our community needed it. It would have been really easy to see the worst in people this year, but I know from experience, that the good ones are all around. Sometimes you just need to look for them.

So tell me, what did you learn this year? Comment Below!

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